Why Web Design & Media Are Important to Churches

CHRIST DESERVES OUR EXCELLENCE and because of that I believe attractive media products are a necessity.

 One of my best friends has a start-up design ministry that is just about ready to launch. The ministry will help small churches give a crisp edge to their design products at an affordable cost. I’m very supportive of this ministry because we serve an excellent God and what we do for Him should be excellent as well.

 Many churches try so hard to reach a community for Christ, but when you look at their tracts or website it looks as if it hasn’t been updated in 20 years. I know there are many small churches that can’t afford a graphic design team but I believe that there is always something a church can do to help enhance their media.  Whether it is a few design lessons, using a vendor, or my friend’s new ministry, there are multiple options out there. If Web design and media are a priority in a church, then they can find a way to improve it.

  I’m not saying that media and web design should be the top priority. That would be absurd. But if people perceived media with the true potential it has, then I believe people would be more apt to enhance their digital and material impact in their community.

 What does your website tell people about your church? Likewise, what does your church’s website tell people about God? Church websites, like church buildings and church signs, are tools to facilitate the work of the Gospel. Similar to our church buildings and signs, our websites tell people a lot about our church and especially our God.  A church flyer, tract, or website is often the first impression a person has of our churches. Because of this, it is so important to make sure that this first impression is a positive one.

 Think about it – If people can’t see your church sign from the road because it’s worn down or covered by overgrown shrubs, then they might not be able to find your church. Also, if your church greeters are not friendly and if your church nursery, bathrooms, and auditorium are dirty, people will not be very inclined to return–and who could blame them! No one wants to put their child in place that resembles a scene from horror movie, and no one likes a bathroom that looks like a truck stop. All of this shows an uncaring attitude and a disservice to the One you serve.

 Nevertheless, we already know this. We know that in order to be attractive to visitors we need trimmed shrubs, clean bathrooms, and bright nurseries. However, what many of us don’t know is the similar importance of having a clean, clear, and bright website.

A website that is out-of-date or hard to navigate will frustrate viewers, and will decrease the likelihood of them visiting your church. An attractive website shows that you care about your content and that it is important.

 I don’t believe that you need a website in order to reach people. However in today’s world, people will look up the church online that they want to visit before they even step in the door of the church. The church website will be the first impression that many people have of your church. Therefore, make your message clear and attractive.

 Jesus says in Luke 14:23, “… Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” Flyers and tracks invite people to your Church and to your God; likewise an attractive website will do the same thing.

I believe Christ has called the Church to reach the world, and I believe one of the ways that can be accomplished is through web design and media. It is not about competing with the culture’s style or the world’s interests, but rather going and reaching people for Christ. That is why this is important.

Christ died and was tortured for one reason: to save us from our own destruction. He wants everyone to be saved from their sin and to form a relationship with Him. He deserves our best. Whether that is a clean bathroom or an updated website, we ought to give God our excellence.