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Reasons Why Marketers Should Learn to Code

There are countless valuable skills that a marketer should have, but one that is still slightly overlooked is the ability to code. I might be a little biased — especially since the word developer is in my job title — but coding and programing are only going to increase in value as our world becomes more and more digital […]

Bad Reasons to Stay with a Bad Job

I’m so grateful for the company I work for and the job I have now. Their work-life balance is excellent. I am compensated appropriately. I am growing in my career. I am respected by what I can bring to the discussion table. My boss is a great leader… I could go on and on. However, I wouldn’t […]

Top Social Media Networks for Your Church

When you think about the multitude of social media platforms available, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Because of this, my desire is to list some of the best social media platforms that you can utilize in your church. Since most churches desire to have effective communication, I have based my list mainly on […]

Being a Title-less Leader

How to be a leader when it’s not in your job title. EVERYONE IS A LEADER. We are often placed in several areas of authority. Supervisor, manager, mom or dad—our job title often demands that we be leaders. As supervisors and managers we must rally a team or a store together to achieve the goal of bettering […]

Tips For Better Church Bulletins

This post is co-authored by Kip Williams and was additionally contributed to by Jake White. Kip is Media Director at Faith Baptist Church in Canoga Park, CA and Jake is Creative Director at Alabaster Media. Together I believe we came up with some creative tips for improving and enhancing the typical church bulletin. From the […]

Why Web Design & Media Are Important to Churches

CHRIST DESERVES OUR EXCELLENCE and because of that I believe attractive media products are a necessity.  One of my best friends has a start-up design ministry that is just about ready to launch. The ministry will help small churches give a crisp edge to their design products at an affordable cost. I’m very supportive of […]